Daluang Paper Making (SR)

Program Description
In this two-day workshop, the participants will experience the process of making a daluang* paper. They will get to explore the paper creatively into works that can express themselves. This two-day workshop will allow the student to understand the daluang paper history as one of the vanishing and traditional Indonesian paper-making techniques and its typical uses in the Sundanese community.

*Daluang is one of the traditional papers in Indonesia that has begun to become endangered. Daluang itself is made from mulberry tree bark or in Sundanese called saeh tree. Not only used as material for paper, daluang is also often used for practical daily needs, such as for worship and religious reasons, and is also used as a beber puppet material, a type of puppet in Java that uses sheets or rolls of daluang to record stories or doll stories in the form of drawing language.

Course Content
Daluang paper history presentation by A. Mufid Sururi

Daluang paper-making by using a beating bark technique

Daluang paper exploration and creating work from Daluang paper

Lecturer and team : (PIC)
A Mufid Sururi, Semata Gallery,

Iqbal Prabawa Wiguna

Studio/Place :
Lab Toekang Saeh

Minimum Participants :
7 person

Tentative Schedule: