Design Thinking Workshop

Program Description
In this course, the students will learn how to develop the colonial city center of Bandung into an inclusive, thriving and healthy environment for working. The main theme of the workshop is to develop a future perspective of Braga area, with an emphasis on how the historical features of Braga can contribute to a vital development.

Course Content
The group will present their ideas at the end of the exercise. Each group will propose some ideas for the development of Braga. The final result of the ideas is expected to create a new zone for activities in Braga and create a better image of the area through providing shared public facilities, remote parking or traffic control, controlled commercial activities, and making a better environment for Braga inhabitant.

Lecturer and team : (PIC)
Ratri Wulandari, M.Ds.

Studio/Place :
Telkom university and Bandung City

Minimum Participants :
5 person

Tentative Schedule